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dc.contributor.authorVallina-Rodriguez, Narseo
dc.description.abstractAs a society we have come to rely upon our mobile phones for myriad daily tasks. It is striking how little insight we, as mobile users and researchers, have into the operation and performance of our devices and network, into how (or whether) mobile apps protect the information we entrust to them, and with whom they share it. The research community (including the speaker) have energetically used a variety of approaches to gain empirical understanding of the mobile device/network ecosystem; however, these techniques have had to make trade-offs that affect either the scale, scope or granularity of measurements. This talk describes how we leverage ideas from this prior work to design and develop the Lumen Privacy Monitor. The talk will demonstrate its utility to researchers and average users alike by providing case studies on mobile traffic characterization, identification of privacy risks inflicted by mobile apps, and perform network performance measurements.
dc.titleDissecting the Mobile Ecosystem with the Lumen Privacy Monitor
dc.typeconference object
dc.conference.date28 September 2017
dc.conference.placeTechnische Universitat, Munich, Germany
dc.conference.titleThe 4th Mobile Networking, Analytics and Edge Computing Workshop 2017*

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