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dc.contributor.authorZhou, Yingjie
dc.contributor.authorMaxemchuk, Nicholas F. 
dc.contributor.authorQian, Xiangying
dc.contributor.authorMohammed, Yasser
dc.description.abstractWe are concerned with charging electric vehicles at home. The energy demand from electric vehicles can increase more rapidly than our ability to increase the generating capacity or the distribution facilities in the electric network. Our objective is to use a smart power distribution algorithm to reduce the inconvenience to electric vehicle owners. When there isn't sufficient capacity to charge all of the vehicles simultaneously, we will select different subsets of vehicles to charge in each 5 minute interval. The smart grid will control a switch on each charger. The order in which we charge the vehicles has a significant effect on the number of vehicles that are delayed when they would like to leave the charging station, and the amount of time that they are delayed. By reducing these measures, electric vehicles can be deployed more rapidly. We compare a weighted fair queuing algorithm for selecting the charging order and compare it with a first-come-first-served algorithm and a round robin charging rule. The weights are selected based on the battery level when vehicles arrive at their charging stations. We assume that there is a correlation between day-to-day driving distances, and charge vehicles that require more charge more rapidly. The three charging rules are evaluated using measured data on the power usage, commuting characteristics, and the distribution of commuting times.
dc.titleA Weighted Fair Queuing Algorithm for Charging Electric Vehicles on a Smart Grid
dc.typeconference object
dc.conference.date29 - 31 October 2013
dc.conference.placePiscataway, NJ, USA
dc.conference.titleThe 3rd IEEE Online Conference on Green Communications (OnlineGreenCom 2013)*
dc.subject.keywordElectric vehicle charging
dc.subject.keywordsmart grid
dc.subject.keywordweighted fair queuing

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